Our staff and leadership are made up of dedicated individuals with a desire to better our communities, the lives of our members and Partners 1st as a whole. We at Partners 1st are honored to serve our members alongside so many talented and committed Partners.

Carla C. Bienz
President & CEO
Clinton Miller
Executive Vice President
Greg Flowers
Chief Administrative Officer
Travis Beck
Chief Financial Officer
Tami Brumett
Chief Lending Officer
Joe Jentgen
V.P. Marketing
Patty Hladik
V.P. Internal Audit/Risk Management
Kelly Johns
V.P. Human Resources
Jerry Lehman
V.P. Information Systems
Kevin Snell
V.P. Business Services
Lisa Johnson
V.P. Operations & Facilities
Barbara Pettit
V.P. Branch Operations
Board of Directors
David A. Dent
Denny Baumgartner
Vice Chairman
Gregory J. Gabet
Karen Johnston
Daryl D. Davis
Donald E. Schwegman
Adam Riegle
Tom Dwire
Debora S. Heiny
Board Member
Gary Baumgartner
Debora S. Heiny
Dave Kaiser
Jerry W Fuhrmann