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Spoofing Calls

Partners 1st recently received information that someone is making phone calls in the evening showing our phone number of 260.471.8336. These are not Partners 1st employees or our fraud security company for cards...these are "spoofing" calls.

What is spoofing? It’s when someone is able to compromise the phone system and mask their real phone number with someone else’s.

The person (fraudster) that is calling pretends to be from Partners 1st and has some information like the card number, name, phone number and email address and indicates they need to verify a 6 digit code that was sent via email. The email indicates the pin is for provisioning of a wallet account. The fraudster wants the code number to complete an Apple Pay request on his own phone using the member's card number.

Key things to note:

  • Partners 1st never calls the member asking them asking them to give a code number back out of the blue.
  • Our security company that calls to verify charges on cards calls from a 1-800 number and only asks for the last 4 of the primary’s social security number to verify if they called the correct person. The member will just indicate yes or no to a list of charges given to them. They are never asked for any codes or to verify the card number.
  • If a member is signing up for Apple, Samsung or Google Pay on a phone, watch or tablet they will get an email PIN number to complete the creation of the pay account. That number is used in the APP only, never over the phone.
  • We also send the member email confirmations the next business day indicating they have signed up a card with a wallet account and if they didn’t to contact us immediately.

Partners 1st members can BLOCK/UNBLOCK their own cards on home banking via card management. So if you feel your card may be compromised, blocking the card immediately is now right at your fingertips.